Joe Kleon Interviews John Petrucci

This interview was done the day after IMAGES AND WORDS was released in 1992.  Click the RA icon to stream the file or hold your mouse button down over the icon to and select "Save Files As" or "Download To Disk" to save the file. You must have Real Player installed to play these files..

Segment #1  John talks about the band's first singer, Charlie Dominici and why he left the band.  :55   116K

Segment #2  John talks about finding James Labrie, during the band's "Dark Periods!"  2:02    252K


Segment #3  John talks about how the band writes material.   1:24    176K

Segment #4  John talks about childhood musical memories.   1:59    248K

Segment #5  John talks about the band's former name Majesty  and the song "Ytse Jam," from their debut release WHEN DREAM AND DAY UNITE.   :49    103K

Segment #6  John talks about the concept of IMAGES AND WORDS.   :44    94K

Segment #7  John talks about the song "Another Day."   3:38    450K


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