2006 Tim "Ripper" Owens Interview

This interview will be broadcast on WRQK 106.9FM (Rock 107) in Canton, Ohio on July 30, 2006 at 10pm

Segment One:  
Time 8:46
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Segment Two:  
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Segment Three:
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2005 Tim "Ripper" Owens Interview

This interview was broadcast on WRQK (Rock 107) in Canton May 1, 2005 from 10pm - Midnight
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Segment One:  Tim talks about his new project Beyond Fear.
Time 11:50
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Segment Two:  Tim talks about joining Judas Priest, his experiences with an old band, Winter's Bane, a Winter's Bane recording
that was released by Century Media, and performing at Ron's Crossroads, in Akron.
Time 6:29 --
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Segment Three:  Tim talks about the Judas Priest songs "Blood Stained" and "Cathedral Spires."
Time 2:08 --
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Segment Four:  Tim talks about how he was accepted by fans as the vocalist for Judas Priest, recording
Jugulator and Demolition, hanging out with Glenn Tipton, his most memorable Priest experience,
leaving Judas Priest, joining and recording with Iced Earth,
and the songs "Red Baron" and
"When The Eagle Cries."
Time 11:40 --
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Segment Five:  Tim talks about touring with Judas Priest,
Time 3:33 --
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Segment Six:  Tim talks about working with Michael Schenker, a cover version he recorded of Aerosmith's
"Round And Round," with Reb Beach, Tim Bogart, and Eric Singer, and a cover version of Ozzy's
"Mr. Crowley," with Yngwie Malmsteen, Tim Bogart, Timmy Aldridge, and Derek Sheridian.

Time 5:27 --
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Segment 3 - 17:51 (40.8 MB)

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