Joe Kleon Interviews Dave Meniketti

Interview recorded July 12, 2006
Broadcast on WRQK July 21, 2006

Scroll down for a 1990 interview.

Segment One:
Dave talks about losing his voice while opening for Motley Crue in Ohio in the 1980's,
the band's current tour, how touring is different in 2006 than in the 1980's,
the song "Quicksand," and more.

Time 7:48 - MP3  17.8MB     

Segment Two:
Dave talks about Leonard Haze leaving the band, findnig a new drummer in just three weeks,
the new drummer Mike Vanderhule, the remastering and reissue of Black Tiger and Mean Streak,
bonus tracks on these reissues, the song "Winds Of Change,"
the 1980's MTV airplay of the "Mean Streak" video, and the "Unearthed" releases.

Time 11:34
- MP3  26.5MB

Segment Three:

Dave tells a great story about how the band helped the family of a fan find closure,
the song "Life, Life Life," going to Germany in October 2006 to record a DVD,
remastering and reissuing Earthshaker and In Rock We Trust, plans for a new studio album,
The On The Blue Side solo record,
doing another solo CD in the next few years,
and more!

Time 10:47
- MP3  24.6MB 


1990 Interview - Click Here - 45:44

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